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Door Emporium may be new to the web, but we have a long history in the door business. We are part of an evolution in retail marketing that began in 1954, with one of the first discount retail building material outlets in California. Our roots pre-date the founding of the big box impersonal stores of the 80’s, when the founders decided to throw out all the frills, stock large quantities of the most popular items and sell them at fair prices. Not content to rely on standard items, they started selling elegant entry doors in 1978. Whether it meant Costa Rica, Guatemala, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines or even Texas and California, they left no door unopened, looking for value at a fair price to sell to the retail public. As a result of their long history, they were able to winnow down the chaff, and rely on only the most reliable manufacturers, and focus on unique designs. The idea that a tract home had to remain that way was a myth they intended to shatter.

With the advent of Internet sales, the need for brick and mortar has waned. People are able to visualize what they want, without having to spend endless hours walking up and down aisles of the neighborhood store to make a decision. Even those who want the hands on feel have come to realize that no single outlet can provide enough choices. Stores may show, 4, 10, some even 20 choices. Is that enough? Would you call being able to choose from a green, yellow, blue or black car a choice? Most people live with a door as part of their lives far longer than a car purchase. People want choices.

As homes have grown, so has the need for more individual expression. It may sound trite, but the front door is the first thing you see! As the third generation in the entry doors business, we want you to be able to express yourself through the art that is our selection.

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