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(This includes before prepping, finishing or installing.)

All1 year

All of the products we sell come with their full-factory manufacturer warranty. If you have a warranty inquiry on any item purchased from please call us toll free 1-888-730-0052
All warranty claims must be submitted through

Please note that it is up to the manufacturer's discretion to accept or deny any claim.
A.A.W., Inc. Limited Warranty


A.A.W., Inc. warranties its products against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from
Date of shipment to the retailer. It is the responsibility of the customer, contractor, installer and finisher to follow these requirements.

Before handling, cutting, hanging or installing A.A.W. Doors:

1. Check doors for warping*, defective glass, manufacturing defects and freight damage.
2. Also check our pre-hang warranty attached to each Pre-Hung Unit prior to installation.
3. Check your local building codes and regulations.

Hanging and finishing of A.A.W. Doors:
4. Doors must be fully sealed on all six sides (including on back of hinges, under the door-shoes) within 24 hours of hanging.
5. Stained doors must have at least three finish coats of polyurethane in order to protect doors.
6. All doors must have adequate protection against direct sunlight, rain, wind, abnormal heat and sudden change in temperature. Overhang must be located right above the door. The minimum standard requirement for a 6’8” door is 4’0” of overhang projected out to the front and to each side of the door, for an 8’0” door it is 5’0” of overhang projected out to the front and to each side of the door.
7. Do not expose stained doors or dark painted color doors to direct sunlight in order to avoid cracking and warping.
8. For doors with southern and southwestern exposure you must have additional over-hang, in order to protect the door against direct sunlight (double the A.A.W. standard requirements).
9. Doors will not be warranted if finished with a water base top-coat, lacquer, or white wash.
10. Do not expose doors to stucco or water work or use them during ongoing construction.

Please note:
11. Slight movement of floating panels up to 3/16” and colors variations are natural to wooden doors and are not considered a defect. Cracks that are less than 1 /16” in width and less than 2” in length are not considered a defect. Knotty Alder surface checks that are less than 1/8” in width and/or 5” in length are not considered a defect.
12. The discoloration or rusting of decorative metal accent options, (Grilles, Clavos, etc.) are not considered a defect.

A.A.W. Warranty:
13. In case of a defective door, it is A.A.W’s option to:
A. Repair the door. B. Replace the door or, C. Refund the wholesale cost of the door.
14. A.A.W. will not assume responsibility or cost for re-hanging or re-finishing.

ATTENTION: All of the above conditions must be met to validate your warranty.

* When all warranty requirements and conditions above mentioned are met, A.A.W. will replace the door for warping exceeding 1/4” on doors up to 6’-8” high and warping exceeding 7/16” on doors up to 8’-0” high.


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